What is a Wardrobe Capsule

A Wardrobe Capsule consists of a few garments that mix and match to make several outfits.

I first heard of a Wardrobe Capsule from an article in Woman’s Day magazine in May of 1982. The title read “$150 Wardrobe to Mix-Match over 40 Ways”. It showed a lady dressed in several outfits from the nine pieces and demonstrated how to put the pieces together to make several outfits. On the bottom of each page was ten other outfits totaling 40. The pieces were: red camp shirt, red straight (called ‘walking’) skirt, white blazer, black pants, white shorts, striped jersey knit shirt, black jersey camisole and a black jersey pull on skirt. Just putting the black camisole and black pull on skirt with a belt make your own little black dress and looks very sophisticated.

This has facinated me since then and several years ago, I created a Capsule Wardrobe site including a paperdoll with seven garments that you can move over to the doll to make 20 outfits. Try it – you will be facinated. Click here to see the paper doll.

Here is a book that I would highly recommend if you are interested in studying the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe further.

Wardrobe Magic goes into detail about make capsule wardrobes with lots of samples.

Wardrobe Capsule
Please click on the link under ‘ebooks’ or on the image to the left to sign up for your free ebook with information on creating a Wardrobe Capsule and more.

Have fun creating your own Wardrobe Capsule.

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