The Wardrobe Capsule

Wardrobe Capsule and Capsule Wardrobe both suggest a closet full of clothes that mix and match, compliment your coloring and fit your body shape and style. Never again will you need to utter the words, “I don’t have anything to wear!”

Have you ever said the above statement? This is the comment of most people who buy impulsively instead of making sure each new purchase is a color that complements them and a style that flatters their figure and goes with at least two items already in their closet.

“Wardrobe Magic” covers all areas of creating a wardrobe capsule. Subjects included are:

* “The Importance of Color”
* “Understanding Your Shape”
* “Your Clothing Personality”
* “Assessing Your Needs”
* “Clothing Capsules”
* “Shopping Savvy”
* “Business Attire 101”

Diane Pemberton shares a lot of good information including samples of wardrobe capsules to help you in creating yours.

It is important to choose the right colors for your skin coloring. Good colors make your eyes sparkle and your skin will have a healthy glow. Wrong colors dulls your skin and eyes. They also make you look heavier and older than you are.

Women come in all kinds of shapes. Some are heavier on top and some are heavier on bottom. Others are almost perfectly balanced and there are those that are short waisted or long waisted. As you can see, there are so many variables so it’s nice to have a manual of sorts which is what I would call ‘Wardrobe Magic’.

After you’ve learned what colors are best for you and the body style you have, you can learn what your clothing personality is. Some are classic, some are romantic and others are sporty. There are a few different versions of the clothing personality styles, but Pemberton covers and explains several of these.

After you put together a wardrobe capsule that is the correct colors and styles for you, there will never be a need to say “I have nothing to wear!” because everything with go with at least two items in your closet and every outfit you put together will look great on you.

If you’d like to know more about ‘Wardrobe Magic’ to learn how you can put together your own wardrobe capsule, click here.

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